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Bob Cruickshanks - Consultant
Bob Cruickshanks is a consultant to the firm specialising in personal insolvency administration and investigation. He was a former Deputy Official Receiver for NSW and the ACT at the Insolvency Trustee Service Australia (‘ITSA’) and brings 34 years experience to the firm having worked in all the front line sections of ITSA.
Bob has administered numerous complex bankrupt estates and proceeds of crime matters and his investigations into a registered trustee’s administrations led to the formation of the Trustee Task Force which subsequently became the Bankruptcy Regulation Unit which regulates and oversights all trustees including the Official Trustee, which is part of ITSA.

Between 1998 and 2004, Bob representing ITSA and the Attorney-General’s Department, had a number of trips to Jakarta as an adviser to the Indonesian Justice Department providing advice on the proposed amendments to the Indonesian insolvency administration laws.

Bob has had a long and harmonious relationship with registered trustees and financial counsellors, and has been instrumental in providing technical training to both groups based on his extensive knowledge and experience in the complexities of personal insolvency administration which encompasses both the legislative obligations on trustees and the practical implications of the Bankruptcy Act and associated legislation. He continues to be the author of the Bankruptcy chapter in both the Law Handbook and the Lawyers Practice Manual.