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Instructing Us
What can you expect when dealing with our firm?

If you are a successful corporate entity needing an experienced business manager to evaluate your existing and future potential, undertake business process reviews, implement restructures, or pursue acquisition or dissolution on your behalf, de Vries Tayeh will expedite practical solutions. As a small specialist firm we deliver. You will find us to be price sensitive, and focused on providing value for service.

If you are a client seeking solutions to a personal or business problem, you will encounter an attitude that respects and seeks to understand your particular circumstances. You can expect us to explain your legal obligations, and all the available options, so that you can participate fully in the process and make informed decisions in your best interest. At all stages with us, we outline your choices and listen to your decisions. You can also expect us to work closely with you to find the most practical steps to achieve the best possible outcome for all stakeholders.

If you are a creditor seeking to pursue an insolvency matter to an appropriate conclusion, you will find us to have an approach that seeks to do the right thing, including investigating possible fraud, or obtaining funding to prosecute. Our commitment is to go the extra mile rather than deliver a standard outcome.

If you are a professional services provider who has recommended a client to us, you can expect us to reward your confidence by holding that client relationship in the highest regard during our conduct of any matter. We will keep you informed of the progress on the job. Where possible and appropriate we will involve you in the process. In fact we aim to enhance your continuing relationship with your client.

Independent Associate Member of Walker Wayland Australasia Limited, a network of independent accounting firms
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