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Melbourne Cup Calcutta 2006
The 5th de Vries Tayeh Melbourne Cup Calcutta was held in aid of Alzheimer's Australia NSW on Monday 6 November 2006.

There were winners everywhere on the Monday night including Alzheimer’s who received just over $13,000 from this charity event. This was our largest donation to date and we are extremely proud of this result. It was a great afternoon and evening and a fun time was had by all that attended.

The event began with an 11 hole game of golf at Oatlands Golf Course. Various companies sponsored golf holes with 100% of the proceeds from the sponsorship going directly to Alzheimer’s Australia NSW. The total amount raised from the golf event was $6,480.

A crowd of 100 plus gathered in the function room at Oatlands Golf Club who happily provided the venue and their staff services for the evening. Hats off to Oatlands Golf Club who has helped us every year in running this event. After the drawing of the horses, and the expert commentary an enthusiastic group of punters geared themselves up for the auction and the bidding was underway.

The bidding was pretty high this year, but the top horses brought out the true race enthusiasts. The top horse Tawqeet brought in $2200 at auction, $300 above last years top auction price. The net prize pool for the Melbourne Cup Race was as follows:

  • 1st Place = $7,997.10
  • 2nd Place = $3,198.84
  • 3rd Place = $1,599.42

Bill Northcote from Alzheimer’s Australia NSW shared some wise words with us all and advised us what research Alzheimer’s has under way to assist and support families with members with dementia. He was extremely grateful for the continued efforts from deVries Tayeh in assisting them with their fund raising every year.

Lastly, but not least we would like to extend a special thanks to all of you who participated in this years event and continue to support us year after year. The firm is very proud to be associated with such great individuals and great corporations and your support every year goes towards an extremely worthy cause.

Next year will mark the 6th year anniversary of this event and we look forward to working with our clients and sponsors to make the golf day and the Calcutta an even greater success than this year.

2006 $5.1 million Group 1 Emirates Melbourne Cup winner Delta Blues with Japanese jockey Yasunari Iwata and one of Australia's best hoops Damien Oliver on Pop Rock made the race a two horse war - bolting away to a two-length gap on the rest of the field and fighting it out stride-by-stride for the last 100 metres.

Till next year the race has been run and the horses have retired to their paddocks.

Should you require any information about this event or would be interested in sponsoring this event in 2008 please contact Rachelle on

Thanks again to everyone who supported this event. Until 2008...happy racing.

What's a Calcutta You Ask?

Many people have emailed or called us to ask 'what is a Calcutta?' and 'how does it work?'.
First of all, tickets are sold – much like a raffle. Each ticket sold gives the purchaser a chance at winning a horse that is racing in the Melbourne Cup. The more tickets someone purchases, the higher the chance of their ticket being pulled out of the barrel to make them a horse owner.

On the Gala Calcutta evening the tickets are drawn. There are 24 horses racing in the Melbourne Cup, that means 24 tickets will be pulled out of the barrel. After this draw takes place, each horse now has an owner. Following the ticket draw, each horse then goes up for auction. Like all auctions, eventually someone has the winning bid. The person with the winning bid becomes the new owner of that horse.

The original owner of each horse receives 50% of the auctioned value. In 2005 the favorite Makybe Diva brought in $1900 at auction (the owner received $950). Railings also sold for $1,500 ($750), Leica Falcon $1,200 ($600), and even Eye Popper auctioned for $1,100 ($550). The rest of the proceeds go into the ‘winning pot’.

As an owner, you can also bid on your own horse (you may do this because it is favoured to win). If you bid on your own horse and your winning bid is $1000 – it will only cost you $500 (remember that 50% of the auctioned value goes back to the original owner – which in this instance is yourself).

After all the horses are auctioned off, the ‘winning pot’ is tallied and funds are divided between 1st (50% of the pot), 2nd (20% of the pot), and 3rd prize (10% of the pot) ,and of course the whole reason for the Calcutta - 20% of the pot ( along with other sponsorship funds ) goes to our preferred charity Alzheimer's Australia NSW.

This concludes the gala evening. Now we wait for the Melbourne Cup race to run the following day.

After the Melbourne Cup race has run, if you are the owner of the horse that wins the Melbourne Cup, you take out 1st prize which last year was $8204.50. So on and so forth with 2nd ($3281.80 the previous year)and 3rd ($1640.90 the previous year) places. The lucky recipients and owners then receive cheques in the post.