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Turnaround describes the skill of being able to help improve the results and performance of an under-performing business. It is relevant not just to companies in immediate financial distress, but also to those not realising their potential, or those with succession issues, capital issues, or shareholder issues.

It is a service to borrowers as well as lenders. We can provide an independent appraisal of a borrower's financial position and provide strategies for growth which can help assist both borrowers and lenders resolve a company’s problems.

Our commitment to you
We will only undertake a turnaround if we believe there is a sound underlying business to be turned around. We will work with the relevant stakeholders to make this determination. If an assignment is undertaken, all our work is carried out with complete confidentiality.
Our Turnaround Services

We provide advice on:

  • Solvency and cashflow issues;
  • Strategy and market position;
  • Capital structures;
  • Growth issues including acquisitions;
  • Operational, financial, and structural efficiencies;
  • Divestments;
  • Succession issues; and
  • Shareholders issues.