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Seminar Overview
Participate in a dynamic and interactive learning experience for Business succession planning.
What will you do with the business you own?

This Seminar on Succession Planning will address the following key issues:

Business Sucession Strategy

Once the decision to deal with a business has been made, issues such as how much the business is really worth, who is likely to buy it, what are buyers looking for and how does one find them.

Exit Preparation

An essential component of a successful sale of a business is the due diligence process - making sure there are no skeletons in the closet. And explore the three horizons approach of planning your future. How well have you planned your own personal exit?

Personal Planning

The sale of a business can often lead to excess funds thatneed to be invested to cover a further business purchase, retirement or other business or family needs. Having a clear plan that suits your needs going forward is the best way to manage those funds ensuring timely and effective use of your investment dollars.

Asset Protection

Knowing and understanding the importance of the value of your company’s assets for insurance and management purposes. Marital breakdown and death are two obvious contingencies that need to be taken into consideration in business succession planning.

Funding Your Future

We will explore the various tax planning opportunities available to reduce or possible even eliminate any tax liability arising from the sale of your business.


What strategies do you need to put in place to enjoy the fruits of your work?