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Working with us

Our staff all work in a friendly multi-cultural environment. We select candidates that have values and cultures aligned with our own.

Our staff all embody the concept of:

  • Skill
  • Vision
  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Good communication   
  • Value for money

de Vries Tayeh has a 'bottom up' management culture. We seek individuals who want to make a contribution, and who thrive on responsibility and ownership. You will not find rigid hierarchies and restricted access to work in this firm. You can expect to be challenged, and encouraged to question and debate. The firm has a participative style; and a selection philosophy that values academic qualifications as well as a lively curiosity, business acumen, and an ability to think fast on your feet.

The insolvency profession has a unique profile, combining aspects of law and accounting. Successful insolvency and business solutions practitioners demonstrate an inquiring mind, tenacity, and good attention to detail. Some of these attributes are taught at university, others are gained outside of formal learning institutions. Our philosophy is to select individuals with broad life experience , high ethical standards, and good emotional intelligence. We admire a competitive spirit, and support people with a strong commitment to personal learning and growth.

Graduates joining de Vries Tayeh will be mentored through their three month probation period by senior staff. They will have close access to partners whose contribution to their knowledge development will be intense and demanding. A six monthly performance appraisal process applies, along with frequent on-the job feedback. Reviews are remuneration-indexed at least annually. The practice offers market competitive employment conditions, including study support for CA, CPA and similar programmes.

de Vries Tayeh offers an in-house training programme designed to enhance both professional and practical business skills. It also offers staff the opportunity to participate in researching and presenting topics for colleagues, providing a constructive forum to develop these important skills. Attendance at external seminars is encouraged.

Study Leave
de Vries Tayeh offers market-competitive conditions for staff completing study programmes. Use of boardroom facilities and library resources is also offered for study groups. Senior staff and partners are available to assist with study-related issues, as they are with career guidance in general.

Current Vacancies
Contact us directly if you have an interest in joining our firm.